Monday, June 6, 2011

Loose - Win Solution ?

In the face of an interim solution, the ministry should not have the luxary of claiming that the proposal came from the FUTA. If this happens it will be the solution and not an interim solution!!! We can suggest but it should be made clear that it is the solution proposed by the ministry and agreed by the FUTA in light of the current situation of the country.

We should not include or make any reference what so ever to the previously proposed 25% Research Grant (So called ``Allowance''). If this comes out as part of our proposals we will be bound to it. This will do more harm to us than good.

Our concerns:
1) The ministry of higher education should now come up with its interim proposal based on our original demands. The FUTA should refrain from submitting any written proposals other than the previously submitted 2008 proposal.

2) The 25% so called research allowance should not be included in to any interim proposal of salary increments as this would violate our stand in principal.

3) The final decision on any proposal should come through the consent of the membership of the sister unions. The FUTA ex-co and the negotiation team should not make any decisions in haste.