Friday, June 24, 2011

Grade 1 Admission in 2012

Dear All,
Members who seek FUTA intervene in Grade 1 Admission in 2012 are kindly requested to follow the steps described below.

1)      Members should send an application to the selected school using the category 6.4 of the Circular (Those who may have chances in other categories can send applications separately for each category).
2)      Members are expected to go for the interview also.
3)      If not selected, please send an appeal to the same school.
4)      If your child is still not selected, then only FUTA can proceed with your application.
5)      Therefore, members are not supposed to send their copy of application or names of schools and children right now to FUTA.
6)      FUTA will collect relevant information after interviews and hearings of appeals are over.
7)      Until then, please be patient and follow the steps mention above.
8)      As FUTA needs at least three schools to be sent to the ministry, sending applications to three schools is also important.

Please feel free to contact me for any inquiry in this regards. Download the Circular.

K.K.I.U. Arunakumara

Dr. K.K.I.U.Arunakumara, 
Senior Lecturer, 
Department of Crop Science, 
Faculty of Agriculture, 
University of Ruhuna, 
Mapalana, Kamburupitiya,