Sunday, May 15, 2011

Uni teachers struggle will not allowed to be crippled-Dr Mendis

Digatha News, 15/05/2011
The media spokesman for the Federation of University TeachersAssociations (FUTA) Dr. Maheem Mendis says the trade union action launched by university teachers will not be allowed to be sabotaged. 
Speaking at a media briefing held in Colombo Dr. Mendis said, “Teachers in all 15 universities in the island with one voice say that they would not stop the struggle for any reason.

This is a struggle between life and death for us. For, this is a struggle between the university teachers who are the vanguard of the knowledge in the higher education sector and the forward path of the university system.”
Dr. Mendis said certain individuals call this struggle a conspiracy as they do not have any knowledge of universities.
“Intellectuals and specialists are created in universities.
Those who call us conspirators when we, who create the necessary knowledge for the national process, talk about issues of intellectuals can never be individuals who have any idea regarding universities, the higher education or the people in the country,” said Dr. Mendis.