Friday, May 27, 2011

Leadership Training– The Military Way?

The Island, 27/05/2011, By G. A. D. Sirimal

The much talked of topic today is the three weeks military training in military camps for those entering universities. The first question which comes to my mind is military training suitable for civilian leadership. In it only leadership and not civil discipline.

Having said that, what has our schools done to mould children from younger days to educate them to be leaders or at least discipline them. What has our clergy, conducting Sunday schools and religious activities in Temples and Churches. I purposely exclude Muslims, as they religiously fallow what is said in the Quran, specially Brotherhood. I met a Muslim friend of mine, who expressed his disappointment at sending, specially Muslim girls to military camps, but said there is no alternative as otherwise these girls will have to give up university education. Perhaps the government is not mindful of this community, who wants to be in the main stream in government activities.

Military training should be done away with? Instead make Cadeting and Scouting compulsory in schools. Doesn’t Cadetting, give the same training now proposed by the government?

What of Scouting? This movement is far better than military training as it teaches, leadership, self discipline, take part in social activities and many more dealing with every day activities. Personally, being a scout in my school days, made me attend to own household work as a boarder. Haven’t Girl Guides and Boy Scouts shown what they are capable of during Tsunami disaster? Perhaps our military minister for Higher Education may not have been a scout to know the value of Scouting, and so may be most of the Member of Parliament.

My humble appeal is make Scouting and Cadeting compulsory in schools and the clergy to take more interest imbibing religious values rather than make religion a commercial enterprise.

It is hoped, the military minister for Higher Education will give some serious thought to what I have stated above, which will bring some comfort and solace to parents, children and everyone interested in the well being of the future generation.

G. A. D. Sirimal.