Monday, May 23, 2011

FUTA DISAPPOINTED IN THE ABSENCE OF AN OFFICIAL DISCUSSION ON SALARY CRISIS, May 16, 2011: The Federation of University Teachers Association has voiced its disappointment regarding an official discussion not being held concerning the salary crisis.

The Association pointed that they are prepared for discussions at any time.

The Federation of University Teachers Association held a media briefing yesterday to elaborate on the issue.

“What do we need to do? We need to bring our universities to higher standard internationally and locally. That is the Government's and the President's view about universities. The Mahinda Chinthanaya says that we need to create a scholar who can look at the world from the milky way. We are moving towards that target,” said S.B. Dissanayake, Minister of Higher Education.

“Now look at the salary of an assistant lecturer an compare it to the salary of an individual who joins the board of the Central Bank and the salary and allowances of a parliamentarian. Then you will be able to see where the anomaly is. We want this anomaly removed,” said Dr. Mahim Mendis, Secretary of Federation of University Teachers Association.

“The first thing is we did not give salary increments this year. That is the government's policy this year. If we give them 140%, if they are given a 36.5% while giving only 5% to the rest of the state sector employees, will the non academic staff of the university remain silent? Will those in other services remain silent? This is impossible. Then isn't it fair for us to think that this is done for the purpose of creating confusion,” said S.B. Dissanayake, Minister of Higher Education.

“We have presented our minimum proposals. The officials will say that we cannot do such a thing and also say that there is an alternative measure. We are prepared to consider that measure. However the problem is that no such thing has been communicated to us,” said Dr. Nirmal Ranjith Devasiri, Chairman, Federation of University Teachers Association.

“I told them in a simple manner that they have very little chance of winning their demands. However they did not accept this. They want to create this confusion. The influential persons of this association of lecturers, are against us politically. They opposed us when we were carrying out the war. Those who worked with the government have requested for meetings with the President and the President will meet them in the coming days ,” said Minister Dissanayake.