Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Silly words and foolish behavior

24/05/2011, By D.N. Aloysius

Betrayal, selfishness and hypocrisy are common phenomena, which usually take place in any struggle for winning the rights of any community. This is the same with university dons as well, who are ethically and peacefully raising their disciplined voice for their rights. We must with great assurance and responsibility convey to the authorities concerned that there is no any political influence behind this protest. We are still with the government and progressive people. We hardly want to topple the government or embarrass it. Intellectuals can’t easily be cheated or flattered. They remain calm and quiet. They perceive what is happening and how some responsible authorities show their nakedness regarding the genuine demands of the university teachers. They must all realize that pen is mightier than sword. It is now time for the leader of the country to look into this crisis with great wisdom and prudence. We hope that he will personally observe the present chaotic situation within the university system and take the accurate decision without listening to selfish politicians and officers, who are greedily waiting to get higher diplomatic positions and chairmanships in some state institutes. We know some politicians, who are opportunists and turn courts. They are never ashamed. They are prepared to do any third class activity for their personal narrow gains. They have already committed it. We once again hope that the leader of the country should realize who these selfish, evil and detrimental elements are. It is now more than enough that such narrow minded and hypocritic people insulted the intellectuals of the country. We tolerate all these silly words and foolish behavior. But, they MUST remember that they develop this conflict with the intellectual community of the country.

D.N. Aloysius
Rajarata University of Sri Lanka