Saturday, July 23, 2011

The EFTU Stand on the Abrupt end of the TU Action

The EFTU at its SGM held on 22/07/2011 decided that its membership would accept voluntary positions relinquished due to ongoing industrial action if and when such appointments are duly made by the Vice Chancellor, thus facilitating the resumption of normal academic activities in the faculty of Engineering with the following understanding reached in good faith:

1.      The conditions attached to the proposed R&D allowance are extremely detrimental to University education as a whole as we have clearly pointed out throughout the period of trade union action and our position in this regard has not changed. Hence, this allowance should be given without any conditions attached, if this issue is not resolved within a period of one month,  FUTA  should reserve  the right to re-launch the TUA without any further notice.

2.      The salaries proposed under the current agreement will not in any manner address the main issues which still hold as valid and irrefutable for the upkeep and upliftment of the university education in the country. Hence, the present decision to conditionally resume voluntary duties is made in good faith and with the understanding that  the  salary structure and all other demands proposed by FUTA in its interim proposal submitted to the MOHE on 07/07/2011 will be fully implemented  within the time frame stipulated. If this is not met FUTA should reserve the right to re-launch our trade union action without any further notice.