Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Education Officials Commissioned as Brevet Colonels

www.defence.lk, 10/09/2012

Under the guidance of Secretary Defence and Urban Development Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa, 23 Class 1 Principals of Sri Lanka Education Administrative Service and officers of the Ministry of Education were Commissioned as Brevet Colonels at a ceremony held at the Defence Ministry premises yesterday (08th October).
They were thus commissioned as Brevet Colonels in recognition of the services rendered by them towards the betterment of the National Cadet Corp (NCC).
The newly commissioned officers comprised of an Additional Secretary to the Ministry of Education, the Commissioner General of Educational Publications and 21 Principles of leading schools around the country.
In the long history of the NCC since its inception in 1881, a number of eminent personnel have been awarded with the prestigious rank of Brevet Colonels. Colonel RBW Narampanawa, Colonel SLB Amaranayaka, Colonel GW Rajapaksa and Colonel EA Perusinghe are some of the officers who were thus commissioned in the past.
Speaking at the event Secretary Defence said that by engaging in extra-curricular activities like cadetting students can develop their leadership qualities and build self confidence. He also said during his school days his Principal, Colonel VS Kudaligama was a military officer too and he had seen a clear difference between him and the ordinary Principals. He expressed confidence that the new officers will enhance their knowledge of the military service and work towards the betterment of the country.
The commissioning ceremony was organized by the National Cadet Corps. Secretary to the Ministry of Education Mr.Gotabaya Jayarathne, Additional Secretary (Defence) Mr.S Hettiarachchi,  Director General of the National Cadet Corps Major General Gamini Jayasundara, senior Cadet Corp officers and family members of newly commissioned officers were also present at the ceremony.

SLEAS Class I Principals & MOE Officers

01Bvt. Col R ChandrasekaraPrincipal, Kingswood College, Kandy
02Bvt. Col HAU GunasekaraPrincipal, Royal College, Colombo
03Bvt. Col HU PremathilakeAdditional Secretary, Ministry of Education
04Bvt. Col T HewawithanaCommissioner General of Educational Publications
05Bvt. Col JHMW RanjithPrincipal, Nalanda College, Colombo
06Bvt. Col LMD DharmasenaPrincipal, Ananda Collage, Colombo
07Bvt. Col HAH JayawardanePrincipal, Rathnawali Balika V, Gampaha
08Bvt. Col WDPK SamarasinghePrincipal, Devi Balika V, Colombo
09Bvt. Col SM KeerthirathnaPrincipal, Dharmaraja College, Kandy
10Bvt. Col JDN ThilakasiriPrincipal, Rahula College, Matara
11Bvt. Col EMS EkanayakePrincipal, Richmand College, Galle
12Bvt. Col UMP UpashanthaPrincipal, Ashoka College, Colombo
13Bvt. Col EWLK EgodawelaPushpadana Balika V, Kandy
14Bvt. Col BRM RanasinghePrincipal, St. Joseph’s MV, Kegelle
15Bvt. Col KG WimalasenaPrincipal, Dharmapala College, Pannipitiya
16Bvt. Col M AbegunasekaraPrincipal, Girls’ High School, Kandy
17Bvt. Col PGS BandaPrincipal, Poramadulla MV, Hanguranketha
18Bvt. Col SM DahanayakePrincipal, Sangamitta Balika V, Galle
19Bvt. Col SW SenevirathnaPrincipal, Southland Balika V, Galle
20Bvt. Col YAND YapaPrincipal, Thurstan Collage, Colombo
21Bvt. Col HJMSSK AviruppolaPrincipal, Vishaka Vidyalaya, Colombo
22Bvt. Col AGN JayaweeraPrincipal, Dharmaloka MV, Kelaniya
23Bvt. Col DMD DissanayakePrincipal, D.S. Senanayake V, Colombo

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