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University security passed to ex-military personnel at high cost

Daily FT - Aug 24th

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By Ashwin Hemmathagama – Our Lobby Correspondent
A Cabinet paper has been tabled enabling the Minister of Higher Education to handover the security services of the all Universities and affiliated institutions to two private sector firms, revealed United National party MP Dayasiri Jayasekara recently at Parliament.
“The two newly selected service providers – Rakna Arakshaka Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd. and LRBC Services (Pvt.) Ltd. are comprised of ex-military personnel who will be spying on student activities and suppress their movements. In 2010 Rs. 22 million was spent for security. This has been increased to Rs. 72 million now,” said Jayasekara (MP – UNP).
Justifying the act taken to terminate the existing services of over 19 different security firms Minister Dissanayake said, “With the war coming to an end large numbers of military personnel were seen retiring. So, to provide them some employment, with the blessing of President Mahinda Rajapakse two private security firms was established under the Ministry of Defence. These two firms provide services of ex-military personnel. Although their services are expensive compared to any other private sector security firms they are highly disciplined.
“There is a serious issue when it comes to University security. The private security firms currently engaged in this is not engage adequate personnel. So, every month almost Rs. 500,000 worth equipment goes missing in each University. Other private security firms rarely have ex-military or retired Police personnel. What you get in them are sick people. There is no need to spy on the University students as they are not into growing cannabis or brewing moonshine,” said Minister Dissanayake.

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