Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kelaniya teachers’ union president betrayed the struggle for VC post

It is reported that the reason for the academic staff of Kelaniya  university refraining from the trade union action staged yesterday(04th) by Federation of University Teachers’ Associations (FUTA) was due to the dream haboured by ithe president of the trade union branch of the University of being the vice-chancellor of University of Kelaniya.
When the teachers’ union meeting was called to discuss the current trade union action of FUTA, the president of the union had stated that persisting problems should be resolved through a dialogue without going for a strike action. At this moment, majority of the union expressed their views stating that FUTA has already decided to go for a continuous strike after failure of all dialogues with the government and therefore they cannot sideline the decision of the mother union. They suggested even to go for a counting of preferences.
At this moment, the President left the meeting saying that he would call for a meeting again in two weeks time for a vote. Expressing their views, teachers in the university say that their union president is dreaming of becoming next vice chancellor and he is adding qualifications for it.

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