Friday, July 27, 2012

EFA Coordination and Policy Formulation

UNESCO Dhaka supported MOPME in preparation of National Plan of Action for EFA (2003-2015) after the Dakar EFA Conference in 2000 and conducting EFA mid-decade assessment in 2007. Assistance was also provided to Ministry of Education for developing the national education policy in 2010 through a series of consultations organized by the Task Force consisted of education experts in the country.  The policy was endorsed by the Parliament and published in both Bangla and English for wide distribution in the country by the Ministry with support from UNESCO Dhaka.
UNESCO Dhaka assisted Ministry of Primary and Mass Education (MOPME) to organize the Second Ministerial Meeting of the South Asia EFA Forum in 2009.   The main focus of the Meeting was the strategies to reach the un-reached and decentralized education management.  In the ‘Dhaka Declaration’, the forum made a pledge to allocate at least 6 percent of the GDP in education.  The final report of the Ministerial meeting was disseminated to the governments and NGOs of member states as well as development partners.   At the same time, there was little follow up at the country level and also regional level including the proposed 3rd Forum Meeting which was agreed to be organized in India in 2011.
The Global Action Week (GAW) has been observed every year to promote Education for All. In 2008-2011 The GAW were celebrated in close collaboration with Bangladesh National Commission for UNESCO, Bureau of Non-Formal Education and Campaign for Popular Organization (CAMPE) along with other NGO partners to address the thematic area as a part of broader advocacy in the country. Every year a number of activities such as rallies are organized in many parts of the country to mark the GAW. The aim is to make people aware on the thematic issue as well as Media Professionals Forum for EFA, Policy Roundtable, Press Conference, Education fair, seminars etc were organized.
During the Global Action Week the EFA Global Monitoring Report (GMR) was formally launched every year including a publication ceremony by the MOPME, UNESCO, the Board of Trustees of Transparency International Bangladesh and Dhaka University in 2008.  Since 2008, with the partnership of CAMPE and UNESCO club the Summary of GMR have been shared through organization of division level workshops at the six divisions of Bangladesh, emphasizing the importance of achieving EFA goals by 2015. 

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