Wednesday, July 18, 2012

FUTA Signature Campaign - A participant speaks

A participant at the signature collecting campaign. University of Colombo writes

 When I went to the Faculty Club yesterday morning to update myself of the latest developments regarding the ongoing strike I did not have the faintest idea of joining the FUTA signature collecting campaign that was to take place at the Borella junction. But some unexplainable force within  made me  join my collegues in the venture. I was so glad that I did it. It was one of the most memorable experiences in  my life, the first time out in the streets  garnering support for a worthy cause in the name of the education of the future generations in Sri Lanka.

The response of the public was awsome, some of them already  aware of the issues that were presented in the hand bills, and others inquiring about it , and all of them  whole heartedly  agreeing that the future of our  education  is in danger and has to be safe guarded  at any cost!

Most of the time it was not me explaining to them but they explaining how and what should be done to ensure the safety of our educational system. ( One gentleman spent nearly 10 minutes trying to show that it was some of  the so called 'academics' who were responsible  for the mess we are in now. The arguments  he put forward could not be mentioned here as it will take this reflection to an entirely different dimension)

The enthusiasm shown by the public was such, that even a bus driver leaned out of the window  and demanded the petition to be signed and even got some one inside to sign too, with another comment which  is
far better left unsaid. Another intresting if not hillarious incident that  was observed was a duel  role performed by a police officer, with a camera phone - that of a law enforcing traffic cop  and of a official video photographer
for some unidentified source! So thank you FUTA  for providing the opportunity for me  to feel the pulse of the common wo/man  on the street  and for also allowing me to contribute my mite for the betterment of the future generations in Sri Lanka.

A participant at the signature collecting campaign.
University of Colombo

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