Saturday, January 7, 2012

Calculation of ‘z’ score is wrong – Prof. Thatill, designer of ‘Z’ score, 06/01/2012

The formula presented by a scholarly council to calculate the ‘Z’ score for university admissions under old and new syllabuses is not correct says professor of Geometry in Peradeniya University Prof. Raphel O. Thattil, who introduced ‘Z’ score to Sri Lanka.
He has said this making a special statement to a newspaper.
Prof. Thattil has not been named for the committee appointed to look into the results issue of the A/L examination. When the Secretary to the Ministry of Higher Education Sunil Jayanthe Nawaratne was asked why Prof. Thatill was not appointed to the committee he had said Prof Thatill may have been ignored because former Commissioner of Examinations Anura Edirisinghe was not in good terms with him.  
Prof. Thatill says two members appointed to the committee are his students and he too is amazed as to why he had not been informed regarding a mistake of such a magnitude.

Prof. Thatill states calculating the ‘Z’ score by getting separate variance and mean values and adding them up for both groups of students was wrong. He also says there are shortcomings in the statistical base and added that he could pinpoint exactly what went wrong if the Department of Examinations provides him with the relevant data.

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