Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pera students in unofficial strike

Daily Mirror, 22/12/2011


The Undergraduates of the Peradeniya University are currently abstaining from attending lectures and all other forms of academic and extra curricular activities in the university. According to source within the university the Engineering Faculty of the university has come to a complete standstill with students refusing to attend lectures. The source went on to state that the strike has been termed unofficial due to the fact that all unions have been suspended and therefore the strike cannot be termed as official.

The Vice Chancellor of the university suspended all Unions with immediate effect due to the protest march that was organised by the students, citing security concerns together with the fact that the university has been brought into disrepute by the actions of the Student Unions. The march which was scheduled to end in Colombo was suspended due to a court order obtained by the Police. (H.F)

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