Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Galaha Junction Barbwired

Daily Mirror, 21/12/2011, The Galaha Juction in Peradeniya is currently being barbwired by the army to prevent students who have gathered at the Peradeniya University from marching towards the junction. Students and sources at the location told Daily Mirror online that there is heavy army presence and the police together with the riot squad are also in the vicinty. A court order had been issued against the procession that was planned by the students of the Peradeniya University. Sources say that close to 3,000 students have gathered around the university premises and they are marching towards the Galaha Junction amidst heavy rain. The students are currently around 100 meteres away from the barricade. According to sources students of all faculties are participating in the march and they do not intend to proceed any further due to the court order that was issued. Heavy traffic prevails in the area.(Hafeel Farisz)

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