Thursday, May 2, 2013

FUTA May Day Media Statement - 2013

Download FUTA May Day Media Statement 2013

The 1st of May is an important day for Trade Unions. It is a day when the rights of the working people are celebrated and where the battles that were fought to protect the rights and dignity of working people all over the world are celebrated and remembered. 

Education is of vital importance for the working people. In Sri Lanka, the free education system enabled many generations of working people to seek a better future for their children. The Federation of University Teachers’ Association therefore, decided to use this occasion to generate awareness of the threats to free education faced by the people of Sri Lanka today. We are aware of the fact that the gradual shift of the financial burden of education on parents and families due to the government’s systematic withdrawal from the state education system has serious financial consequences of working people. We believe it is extremely important that the politically conscious working population of Sri Lanka, who will be celebrating May Day today are also made fully aware of the crisis in the education sector. 

The campaign launched last year by the FUTA to demand that the government allocate 6% of GDP for Education and Save State Education was re-launched on the 2nd of April this year. The FUTA’s awareness raising campaign on May Day this year is one of the several events that we have planned in taking this campaign forward. 
We are confident that the working people of this country will hear our message and join us in our campaign. We hope the government as well as all political parties heed the voice of the people and take all steps to ensure that the legacy of free education in this country will not be destroyed. 

Save State Education! 
Allocate 6% of GDP for Education! 
Let us join hands to prevent the commodification of Education! 

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