Saturday, May 12, 2012

Results of the 2011 AL exams were incorrect - SC

Date:2012-05-12 02:01:00
Stanley Samarasinghe

The Supreme Court yesterday declared that results of the 2011 AL examination were incorrect based on the two sets of question papers submitted to the Court.

Supreme Court Justice Nimal Gamini Amaratunga said the inquiry relating to the Fundamental Right Case filed by 16 students and Ceylon Teachers Union challenging the validity of 2011 AL results, has revealed that the results were incorrect.

The Court had examined the two sets of question papers submitted to the Court by the petitioners.

Examination Commissioner W.M.N.J. Pushpakumara, representatives from the University Grants Commission, Education Minister Bandula Gunawardena, Professor R.O. Thatil and the Attorney General were the respondents.

Counsel for the petitioners J.C. Weliamuna submitted to the Court that the incorrect results were caused by amalgamating marks from two separate papers to calculate the ‘Z’s score.

The counsel for two students seeking to support the case submitted that the two sets of examination papers given to the students stated that 33 out of 60 questions in each paper were identical.

However, the counsel said according to the new syllabus a student can obtain more marks answering a lesser number of questions in a shorter time whereas with the older syllabus it was the opposite of it.

At this time Justice Amaratunga observed that even one mark could make a vast difference in the results and consequently in the life of a student.

Counsel Weliamuna together with Counsel Sanjeeva Ranaweera instructed by Counsel Sanjeewa Kaluarachchi appeared for the petitioners.

President’s Counsel Faizer Mustapha with Counsel Kushan Alwis appeared for the University Grants Commission and State Counsel Therium Pillai appeared for the Minister and the Attorney General.

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Anonymous said...

Truth eventually comes out. Lets see now what the govt. does.

Anonymous said...

Prof Thatil is right.

Anonymous said...

Prof. Thatil is right.