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Courtesy Maurice Anghie- CPA, Ex Partner Grant Thornton, Director
Mining Co.- Perth
(RC Rugby Capt 1959-Son Of BC Anghie-RC Warden & Master In Charge- RC
Rugby & Brother
of Dr Trevor Anghie & Tony Anghie)

 My dear Sri Lankans,
 I write with despair as I trouble for what my country is currently
going  through. I have traveled well enough to know that our land is
blessed by  God and is a land better than any other. The riches
embedded in our history,  culture and spirit are richer than the
commercial wealth of most countries and this is why I hurt when I see
that our identity, freedom and spirit of a  nation is threatened and
held ransom by our politicians.

 I write not with animosity against the President, the Government, the
Opposition, ethnicity or creed but I write against the corrupt political
culture of our country created by successive governments and
facilitated by coalition parties and the opposition members for the
sake of perks and  positions. If I sound critical or personal, it is
only because of my anxiety  for the issues that are plaguing our
nation and for the importance of  highlighting the people responsible
for the seriousness of the issues. I do  apologize in advance for any
criticism that might take precedence over what  modesty may demand
when addressing the head of state and members of  parliament. Contrary
to what you are made to believe by the government this  country is
heading towards a colossal economic, political, moral and social
collapse and the following calls for your serious attention if you
care for Sri Lanka .

 Here are a few points to ponder as to why you should act.
 • On the 18th of May 2009 when the war drew to a close I was eager to
 usher in a new beginning with the President declaring that all people will
 be equal. I was hoping the government would make it a level playing field
 for every Sri Lankan irrespective of race, creed or cast to compete, thrive
 and progress for self and country. We fought a war to protect our
 sovereignty and independence but 3 years on, the country is as polarized or
 even worse than before. We won a war but we have lost our hope, we won a war
 but we have lost our dignity and the right as a people, we won a war but
 have lost our identity as Sri Lankans. There is more hatred, anger and
 insecurity than ever before and the environment is being primed for another
 militant uprising. So I ask, have we won at all?

 • I was told for 30 long years that we were fighting a war to protect
 our freedom, identity and sovereignty as a nation and I salute soldier
 Prasanna from Galle and soldier Ranjan from Hingurakgoda who along with
 thousands of others laid down their lives for us. But today we are staring
 down the barrels of the same guns that silenced the Tigers, for expressing
 our opinion that the Government doesn't want to hear. When the President
 said that every Sri Lankan is equal, I am certain that he meant the
 journalists, too. Where is the freedom, the identity and the sovereignty
 that Prasanna and Ranjan gave us? Have we won at all?

 • The dawn of yet another day in Sri Lanka , which is supposed to
 commence with hope, starts with abductions, horrific murders and rapes. Far
 too excessive for a small country like ours to handle. The long arm of the
 law covers-up a story linked to the government and is slow to exercise the
 law to protect the democratic rights of people. When a government spokesman
 himself knows that deep within, he is falsifying facts to fabricate a story
 to mislead people, and the police are forced to issue a statement contrary
 to true events, I ask, have we won at all?

 • Do we measure freedom by the lack of checkpoints and by the growing
 number of restaurants, flashy cars and stylish boutiques mostly patronized
 by people with ill-gotten wealth from a manipulated stock market and we call
 this progress and development? When 2 kilometers from the heart of Colombo a
 mother is struggling to feed her children and her husband has drugged
 himself into a drain with the produce from a politician, I ask, have we won
 at all?

 • Can a mother or a daughter walk on the streets of Sri Lanka without
 being hurled with verbal and physical abuse. They go to the Police station
 to make a complaint and the policeman rapes the mother. Then a politician
 attacks and kills a foreigner because he wants to rape his fiance. The
 politician is released on bail and is roaming freely because he is related
 to the President. Is the ambition “Wonder of Asia” to be rated as the
 highest for sexual abuses in South Asia ? When the government and the very
 authority that is there to protect the public, turns against you, I ask,
 have we won at all?

 • The media is controlled and manipulated to share everything but the
 truth and if you dare speak the truth you will be dealt with in a manner
 that there is no trace of you or the person who attacked you. Do you
 honestly believe that a government that silenced the world’s deadliest
 terrorist group is unable to apprehend the killers of a journalist or
 abductors of another? They don't pursue such criminality, as they only know
 too well that if they do they will only end up apprehending themselves. With
 injustice like this, have we won at all?

 • I open the newspapers and switch-on the TV only to hear what the
 government has sanctioned to be told to the public; praise for the rulers,
 their families and their representatives in parliament. When Prasanna and
 Ranjan died for us they also died for the journalists so that they can
 express themselves through a free media in a freer Sri Lanka . However, today
 the journalists and the public are asked to live in silent obedience when
 all they ask is for their freedom. Have we won at all?

 • Being in leadership is to guide people to be better citizens but
 when politicians, whether in government or the opposition, are seen in
 public and in the media exposing poor moral standards it only contributes to
 the making of an unhealthy society that has manifested itself in the form of
 rapists, murderers, cheaters and robbers. As a result our children are
 exposed to this vulgarism that is as corrupt as pornography polluting the
 environment that they grow up in. They fight on the streets with a vengeance
 having understood that this is the way you survive in the “new” Sri Lanka .
 Their parents decide to take the administration into their own hands by
 rejecting the appointment of a school principal by hurling stones and abuse.
 Is this what we have come down to? I ask, have we won at all?

 • A frail constitution initiated by an insecure former President has
 embedded a sense of insecurity in all of us that make us fight each other
 for our survival. Legal parlance aside, a nation’s constitution is to give
 us the people the power to decide and the confidence to progress and thrive.
 The Executive Presidency that every President after Jayawardene promised to
 eliminate has only intoxicated this President and the others with more
 power, making them unaccountable for their wrong-doings. Know this people!
 Little do we realize that the policies and consistent undemocratic action by
 this government and the past governments, are equal to the threat of the
 sovereignty of our country that was once laid siege by the Tigers. So I ask,
 have we won at all?

 • The cancer of these respective governments is spreading through
 their families and cronies into the state services, hospitals, sport
 (particularly in cricket & rugby), the media, schools, the stock market etc.
 and it is all evolving into a dictatorship under the guise of democracy.
 Therefore, have we won at all?

 • Have you stopped to wonder how a so-called noble man who claims that
 he is from a village has amassed so much wealth? Following a resolution
 presented in Parliament by the Minster of Parliamentary Affairs in November
 2006 under Article 36 (4) of the Constitution the monthly salary of the
 President was increased from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 61,250 effective from January
 01, 2006 and again to Rs. 97,500 effective from January 01, 2007. Double
 this amount or triple it or multiply in by ten or a thousand and you will
 still be short of the billions of rupees they have amassed as a family.
 Money rightly for the people has now become theirs. I ask, have we won at

 • “If you are not for us then you are against us” seems to be the
 motto of this government that claims to run a democracy. The threat is
 serious and far-reaching and is not limited to institutions, business
 establishments, the public or the media. It has now infiltrated the
 judiciary and reached the Chief Justice. We are fast becoming a nation of
 puppets and stooges of an ugly regime where even the law of the land cannot
 be enforced if it does not suit the hidden agenda of the ruling family. If
 only my fellow Sri Lankans pause to understand the serious implications and
 insult that has been cast upon our dignity and our sovereignty you will then
 ask yourselves, have we won at all?

 • A number of those living in Colombo and other commercial cities are
 comfortable and self-sufficient enough not to feel the pain and folly of
 this government at least for today as poverty is still a distant future away
 for these privileged few. But for us the common man, the farmer, the
 laborer and the likes of those whose votes count immensely to make a
 President and to elect a government in this country, will suffer the most.
 The one who works and toils hard will continue to be taxed and robbed by the
 government through bribes. The government’s intention is to keep us poor and
 dependent on them so that they can manipulate us in any which way they want.
 They rob our money daily to fuel their ugly lifestyles. This has been the
 strategy of the PA & the UNP. It will be the strategy of the JVP, Sarath
 Fonseka, Weerawansa, Rauf Hakeem, Sampanthan and all other current leaders,
 too if they are in power. It’s all about the ugly greed for power and money
 and not about empowering the masses and growing them to be a strong
 middle-class society, which in turn will drive our economy forward and
 making our nation competitive and self-reliant.

 • Yes! It is true that Western nations and the UN are after us because
 we faltered in many areas that the public does not see other than for what
 the government wants you to falsely believe. This government is in serious
 trouble whether we like it or not. However they have cleverly made this
 international setback an advantage to dramatize the rhetoric against Western
 nations. Every time the government looks weak in the eyes of the people they
 fan anti-western and anti UN propaganda just to mobilize support to keep
 them in power by working you up against western nations. Please don't fall
 for this well-orchestrated diversionary tactic. It’s only a few of us who
 know how humble, meek and obedient they are to the Western Powers in Geneva ,
 EU and the US . If tomorrow these western nations whom we so despise close
 the tap and stop trading with us or lending us money we will crumble to the
 foundation. I don't doubt that the UN and the Western nations have their own
 hidden agenda but it is the initiative of this government and the past
 regimes that have made Sri Lanka slaves and dependents to these bodies. So I
 ask have we won at all?

 • The former Army commander who effectively led a war against the
 terrorists shamelessly claims that he is the sole success of the war and
 therefore should be considered to lead the country. Whilst we have to credit
 him with the leadership he gave the military it does not necessarily qualify
 him to lead this country. It was he who implied that the minorities should
 be thankful to be living in this country (like as if they were some
 visitors) and therefore must learn to live with the majority” A man who is a
 racist from the core has no stature of a true general and definitely does
 not have the quality to be the President of our multi-ethnic country. With
 this kind of narrow thinking leaders that a war produced, I ask, have we won
 at all?

 • The price of victory from war is only a seed to grow into another.
 One rejoices and the other grows with the pain of deep hurt and immense
 loss, not of possessions but their pride and dignity. The Sinhalese, Tamils,
 Muslims, Malays, Burghers, Moors, Sindhis, Borahs, Chinese and all other
 communities, however big or small, are all part of this vibrant society
 called Sri Lanka . It is the intercultural and interethnic weave that makes
 the fabric of our society so rich and strong. Let us prevent this seed of
 ethnic disharmony from being planted again by these politicians. They were
 the cause of this divisive post-independence rule that manifested into a
 war. If we care for the future of our children then let’s protect them from
 harvesting yet another war of hatred, by opposing these politicians. It is
 then that we can truly say we have won a war.

 I am impressed but equally appalled by the tolerance and patience of our
 people. How long should we wait to realize that we have a voice so that it
 may be heard, dignity that needs to be safeguarded and sovereignty to enjoy?
 It is time for us to find a new leader beyond the Rajapakses,
 Wickremasignhes, Jayasuriyas, Premadasas, Fonsekas. Sampanthans, Hakeems,
 Weerawansas, Pillayans and Karunas. The many more pseudo leaders in
 Parliament and just outside Parliament agitating to get-in are simply there
 to grab more power and money. None of them have the intellect or metal to
 lead this country in the 21st century. Let’s end this misery and show
 dissent by rejecting this leadership in whatever peaceful but determined
 way. But let your voice be heard this time. It’s time!

 Rise , Sri Lanka ! Rise!

 Yours sincerely,

 A Fellow Sri Lankan who has nothing to gain but his own country

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 circulated to as many as possible if you care for our country, Sri Lanka .

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