Tuesday, November 1, 2011

UGC to give University status to SANASA NGO Campus ?

Sri Lanka Mirror, Monday, 31 October 2011 10:58

Kegalle (Srilankamirror) - SANASA a micro finance non governmental organisation that has completed a building complex in 07 acres of land in Kegalle, calling it a “campus” has applied for “University Status” to grant degrees for trainees, who attend programmes conducted at this “campus” say inside sources at the UGC.
As of now, SANASA is only a non governmental organisation with no capacities to conduct higher educational programmes and have no experience in conducting programmes that could be held in par with even tertiary education, said the same source at the UGC, who wish remain off record.

At a time, when universities themselves face serious human resource deficiencies in upgrading their own academic levels, it is not certain how SANASA could recruit academic staff with competitive salaries, was a question that has no answers.

The SANASA Kegalle complex was funded by a Canadian organisation, according to NGO Secretariat sources.

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